Innovative and innovative sports equipment

Inhilaration Technology Flea Wheel

Fitness, increase muscle strength and volume in a short time
Improve patient performance and rehab

Provide FlyWheel physical training exercises

Possibility to perform more than 30 standard and advanced sports moves

Intelligent system JPACK

Provide sports and health information

Innovative Smart
Sport Equipment

PillTan products based on In-Space Flying Technology, an advanced sports equipment provider for practicing athletes, fitness and rehabilitation.
PillTan Sports System
  • PillTan The origin of sports exercises is based on the Intelli-FlyWheel technology
  • Inertial Flashing Technology is based on the inertial base of a disk with different masses and radius, and is completely different from traditional practice based on gravity
  • Unlike traditional methods, this technology does not require the use of heavy and varied weights
  • Improved fitness, fitness, and fitness performance with Inline Physiotherapy exercises at PillTan
Exercise workouts
  • Increase the effect of the exercise
  • Possibility of rehabilitation
  • Possibility to perform more than 30 sports moves
  • Increase muscle strength and volume in a short time
  • (Proven based on valid scientific research and evidence)
  • Available in small spaces and easy to carry
Intelligent system JPack
  • Wi-Fi connection with PillTan's proprietary software and sports and health data via phone and tablet (Android & iOS)
  • Graphic display
  • Display calorie intake
  • Showing average speed and strength
The most extensive network of support and services
  • In Tehran and other provinces
  • 18-month warranty
  • 10 years after-sales service
  • Software update and support
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