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The PillTan Medical Model is designed for use in rehabilitation clinics. Physicians and rehabilitation specialists can provide patients with a range of physical conditions, pain and levels of performance, mobility, and more. Therefore, the PillTan flywheel exercises are perfectly suited to the type of injury. Also, PillTan is a small, portable device suitable for small clinics or even if necessary for a patient’s home. With the use of the intelligent system, JPack can communicate with PillTan’s proprietary software. The handset and tablet (Android & IOS) have the ability to provide health data for scheduling workouts.

  • Portable and easy to move
  • Suitable for clinics and homes
  • Equipped with a JPack intelligent system
  • Ability to perform more than 20 different exercises
  • Can install 1 to 4 discs with different inertia moments
  • Weighing 18 kg