Eccentric exercises and overload

One of the most important benefits of using IntelliFile’s technology in PillTan is its ability to provide eccentric overload training in a safe, functional and effective way.


Your muscles in the eccentric phase (muscle lengthening) are stronger than the concentric phase (muscle shortening). The eccentric phase training is scientifically approved, most notably the increase in strength and overall hypertrophy. As many injuries occur when the eccentric contraction occurs, eccentric exercise can also severely reduce the risk of injury for athletes as well as users to improve rehab. Exonerative exercises can make the muscle faster to the phenotype.
In a traditional strength training with weight, the load in the eccentric phase is limited by how much the weaker phase of the condensate can carry. As a result, the eccentric phase rarely reaches its maximum and the exercise loses its effectiveness.
Exercise focusing on the eccentric phase is called the eccentric exercise.

Eccentric overload

The eccentric overload occurs when the eccentric force is greater than the maximum contingent force. To achieve your maximum power in the eccentric phase, you should use some methods for overloading the eccentric. In a traditional strength training with weights, achieving eccentric overload is a challenging practical and safety point of view. Traditional practices are as follows:

  • Getting training partners out of your concentric phase, as well as controlling your movement in the eccentric phase. These methods are often time-consuming and have the risk of injury.
  • The use of bodybuilding machines, for example, lifting the weights by lifting both legs and lowering the weight with one leg, which is not an applied move.
  • Fraud using an auxiliary muscle in the concentric phase, but often has less efficacy in the eccentric phase, and also increases the risk of injury.

Advantages of the Flywheel

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Using PillTan, you can use our methods to perform an overload eccentric exercise, without help, or without the risks associated with traditional methods.
If you reduce the velocity of the flywheel in a shorter time than the concentric phase, you will produce a higher eccentric force. You can also produce a force in the concentric phase with auxiliary muscle and only use certain muscles in the eccentric phase to increase pressure on them.
By adding a JPack electronic intelligent feedback system (communicating with the handset via the Wi-Fi system), you can easily measure the power and the extra power of the eccentric.
The eccentric exercise is safer and practically less challenging, which is why the practice with In-Space Flashing technology is expanding globally.