Fly Wheel Training
Standard Training

For basic and standard exercises with PillTan technology, there are various eccentric and concentric exercises for the STEP and STAND models.


The PillTan products of the STEP model are designed with the use of Flywheel technology as an advanced tool for performing more than 30 exercise exercises, including the most powerful exercises.


PillTan Products The STAND model is the ideal solution for exercising in landscape mode based on flywheel technology.

professional Training

To develop basic exercises and perform advanced exercises with PillTan technology, a set of different methods for exercising eccentric and concentric exercises, isometric exercises, and more.

Eccentric exercises and overload

These types of exercises have been generic with the popularity of flywheel technology used in PillTan sports equipment and are considered by professional athletes.

Methods for increasing the eccentric load

Methods and exercises designed to create eccentric overload with PillTan

Concentric exercises

By increasing the speed in the concentric phase and reducing the eccentric time, the effect of exercises with the flywheel technology can be increased.

Isometric exercises

With isometric exercises, he prepares his body for heavy exercises and improves his style of training.

Measure and control strength in exercises with PillTan

The standard PillTan protocol is designed to measure and control the amount of force applied to the user, which is capable of providing accurate statistical results during the workout.