Medicine and Physiotherapy

1. Rehabilitation

PillTan solves your problems like a rehab practitioner who offers effective, controlled, and safe exercises for all patients.

The rehabilitation specialist should have a comprehensive and comprehensive toolbox to serve patients with a range of physical conditions, pain, and levels of performance, mobility, and more. Therefore, the inhaler’s physical training in PillTan is perfectly suited to the type of injury.
Practical benefits
PillTan provides every kind of exercise from low power and low speed to high strength and high power exercises. Perform any exercise from pure condenser contraction to eccentric overload, without risk, ergonomic and immune. A portable device such as PillTan is suitable for small clinics or even if the patient needs a home.
Using the JPack electronic intelligent feedback system, you can control your patient’s power output and movement, and if necessary, you can limit or track their progress. It can also be a great motivational tool for your patient.

Physiological benefits

PillTan uses Intelli-Flex technology, which provides variable resistance. For this reason, PillTan has less need for weight change and exits power is determined by patients. All of these features provide an effective workout that is both safe and less damaging. Resistance during exercise is changed gradually and slowly with the inhalation technique of the fluid, which strengthens the muscles throughout the disc’s spin interval. The range is easily customizable, and if necessary, you can restrict it to various exercises. For example, you can prevent your patient’s movement from moving to specific angles.
If the patient’s performance is not good, the inhibitor or the harness will automatically push the shoulders and reduce the torque involved in the lower back. In the clinic, starting from the first day, you can start the scout and other exercises of the lower limb, even if the patient is completely beginner.
The eccentric load using PillTan has been widely accepted as one of the most effective methods for treating Tendinosis. By using different methods you can get significant eccentric times in all sports activities possible.
As with the general use of Inhaler Flailville, rehabilitation exercises with PillTan devices with InlineFilweil technology are fundamentally backed by scientific support. Significant examples are Murtaugh & Ihm 2013, Excellence Exercise Training for the Elderly (Gault & Willems 2013), and Onambele 2008 Internship Fellowship with the Elderly.
PillTan is fully compatible with high-level control tools, “Intelligent Trainer”, which is used by many high-profile professional teams in Europe and beyond.
“Intelligent Trainer” is an advanced electronic intelligent feedback system for PillTan as well as other devices developed for professionals in sports and rehab.


Intelligent electronic feedback systems such as the high-level intelligent trainer JPack have several advantages for PillTan users, which include the following features in comparison to other feedback options:

  • Power program design
  • Determine educational goals
  • Supervise several athletes
  • Log and analyze exercise / training results
  • Intelligent trainer software is provided for PillTan exercises by default, but is compatible with free weights and other training devices.

2. Fitness and wellness

While the practice with In-Space Flash Player has improved more and more gains in performance exercises and increased academic support, nothing can attract private coaches, clubs and their customers to take advantage of this technology. Be From a moderate customer to a private trainer, anyone at every grade, from a moderate to young athlete or an elderly disabled person, what they share is that they all seek a specific outcome and Are common and are willing to spend their money to get it.
PillTan offers a very effective Flashing exercise in a safe and ergonomic way. The load variation resistor automatically adjusts the power in a range of movements automatically and increases the power and volume compared to traditional weights. The available eccentric load or overload shows more and faster achievements in power and volume, something that anyone is looking for, whether it is a stress-management executive, a post-parturient mother, or a fitness athlete. With variable resistance, you do not have to change weight between sets or users of the same level, which saves time in a small PT group. The shorter or longer customers, without changing the height of the surface, can easily practice each other. This makes meeting times effective and saves you time for you and your customers. With our computer feedback systems (JPack), with a highly functional tool that keeps them at a good level, you can track your customers’ progress.
The use of belt and harness for lower limb exercises requires less technique and more effort and execution. Harness harnesses the upper part of the waist from the pressure point and the lower part of the waist from the effect of torque, which allows the person to focus on his function. You can actually bring your new students to the streets and focus on them from Pilates first day!
Another advantage of Pilot is its moving. With a weight of only 23 kilograms (50 pounds) with accessories, you can easily move equipment to larger clubs. If necessary, you can set up a cycling exercise or apply it to group exercises in a dance or aerobic session. With a space of less than 0.5 sq. M, it can be more efficient in smaller clubs or at home halls.
Despite all these advantages, the cost savings are a noteworthy point of this device. With over 30 exercises with a single device, portability, safety and performance at a lower or similar cost compared to a full barbell, will increase the value of your money.
The use of the Inhaler Fellows Practice in PillTan, the health and fitness is on the rise, starting to work in European and American clubs including Freelance Exercises that offer their customers.