Methods for increasing the eccentric load

Ease of use of the individual muscles in the eccentric phase is one of the key features of the PillTan inhaler technology, but for an overload (maximum gain) in the eccentric phase, you need a specific method.
We will develop a number of different ways to achieve the eccentric add-on in PillTan and train these techniques during our in-house flywheel technology classes as


Types of methods to achieve eccentric overload
Extranet movements at the last minute
This factor occurs when the end of the eccentric phase enters the concentric phase explosion, and the method of doing so is to allow the end of the motion to pass through the non-resistive eccentric phase and suddenly with a strong resistance to the motion of the flame Prevent the valve and enter the condenser phase with power.

Overload shock

It’s time to spend a bit more in the condenser phase so that the device has enough time when it enters the concentric phase and put your body in eccentricity earlier and wait for stretching shock from the device.

Barconsentric add-on activity

When using side muscles or a stronger stroke pattern, you add energy to the concentric phase, but only use the main muscle or weaker motor pattern in the eccentric phase. These movements are taught in our courses.

Lateral overload

When you act bilaterally in the concentric phase and unilaterally in the eccentric phase. For example, use 2 of your feet to move Scott, but focus on the one in the eccentric phase and push on one foot.

Concentric load acceleration cycle

When you carry out heavy concentric movements and extreme eccentric movements and maximum eccentric-concentric movements without intermittent exacerbation. For example, by moving the scot from the concentric phase, continue with the forward movement of the arm and move the front of the arm into the eccentric, and again enter the concentric phase without using the scat and with the front of the arm, and then enter the eccentric phase in the next phase with Scott.


By performing heavy eccentric movements with a flywheel, you will experience a high degree of nerve fatigue as well as DOMS. To know how to minimize the negative effects of eccentric movements:
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