Physiological benefits

Physiological benefits :

Applied benefits :

Benefits of ergonomics :

From the PillTan ergonomic aspects, the absence of a metal collision with another metal is a risk of collision or falling weight to the ground. These factors reduce the need for a space-covered sound-absorbing material, and athletes can focus on performance.

Economical benefits

The economic advantage of PillTan is that with only one Step machine that can handle more than 30 exercises and with its extraordinary mobility, safety and performance, a small club can be priced at much lower prices than a bolt and weight set. Have your own.

1- flywheel exercise ecentric

Muscles in the eccentric phase are much stronger than the concentric phase, but in traditional exercises it is impossible to achieve eccentric overload. In practice, with PillTan’s In-Air Fleet technology, you can achieve high safety eccentric loading.

2- Variable resistance

Among the advantages of using Intelli-Flexible technology, variable resistance is one of the most important ones. The PillTan resistance spectrum is completely unlimited, because it depends only on the force you enter.

3- Harness Ergonomics

The amount of pressure on the shoulders in Scott exercises is traditionally a great constraint for many athletes, and most bruises are often seen after a series of heavy workouts. In addition, spinal discs in the waist area are under intense pressure, even if the athlete has good skills. For tall men or people with low back pain Scott exercises are almost impossible or with pain and discomfort. With the PillTan device, you will be able to exercise at or near maximum power, as long as using Harness, by splitting pressure on the shoulders and reducing pressure on the spine, prevents local bruises.