stand exercise


With the kPulley row, you can now vary your rowing exercises thanks to the horizontal option. Sit, stand, lay or what else you prefer, your flywheel range of rowing exercises is now complete.

Chest Press

Performing push exercises with flywheel technology as with any other similar weight stack device has now been made possible thanks to the kPulley.

Hip Extension

Can be performed as a cable hip adduction, single leg kick or regular kickback. This exercise is a must-do if you are looking to build a foundation for your gluteus maximus, hamstrings and lower back. 

Oblique Variations

A strong midline is essential in performance sports and for overall strength. A strong core improves posture and helps to stabilize the body when lifting objects. Being able to activate the core muscles may also help reduce back pain.

Triceps Extension

Now offers more variations and performance becomes even more versatile with the kPulley thanks to horizontal placement and adjustable length.

Biceps Curl

First performed on the kBox. Now, we extend the opportunities for stronger arm by adding the horizontal flywheel experience to your strength training. The biceps curl range of possibilities is now complete. 

Leg Curl

The leg curl, first performed on the kBox, is a great isolated movement to improve strength mainly in your hamstrings and glutes, and may also reduce the risk of injuries. 

Shoulder Variations

Thanks to the horizontal position of the kPulley, isolated shoulder exercises including external and internal rotations are now more convenient for rehabilitation purposes or overall accessory strength exercises. 

Kneeling Glute Thruster

With the horizontal attachment of the kPulley, you are able to do hip extensions in a wide range of settings. To be able to target the glutes in the best way possible, the kPulley variation of the Thruster will not make you disappointed.