step exercise


Sometimes referred to as “The king of exercises”. The squat is a great lower body exercise and engages the quadriceps, hamstring, glutes and the core muscles.

Split Squat

A beloved exercise with many different names, on the kBox referred to as split squat. Without losing the edge of balance and postural training, this exercise really boosts your force development in the lower body.

Lateral Squat

Performed standing side-way to the kBox to target the gluteal muscles to an extent that is impossible to achieve with the traditional barbell squat.


The deadlift is the most important drill for strength in the posterior chain and a great exercise for overall strength.

High Pull

Can be a total body workout on the kBox thanks to the variable resistance and eccentric overload. Kick in with the legs and the eccentric phase will kick you back.

Hip Extension

An exercise in many different settings and variations, The unilateral hip extension on the kBox gives your glutes a day they will remember.

Leg Curl

Often referred to as a typical exercise performed on a gym training machine. However, with the kBox, the leg curl is now even more challenging thanks to the eccentric retraction and overload possibilities.

Biceps Curl

With the Exxentric ultra light bar, this will be your new favourite exercise. The biceps curl on the kBox is a great exercise performed together with the principles of flywheel training.

Calf Raise

Building calf strength is a foundation to ankle stability and for good lower body mechanics. Calf raises on the kBox will put extra effort on the user thanks to the variable resistance, overload options, and wide loading spectrum thanks to the flywheel technology. 

Triceps Extension

Slow and heavy with high force development with some core strength added. Perfect for a basic exercise to build strength and power in more complex exercises. 


The kBox row exercise offers many variations ranging from warm-up and conditioning to heavier loading and overloaded. If you would do only one exercise for the upper body, this should be the one.


The shrug is a standard drill in weightlifting and fitness to work the upper trapezius muscle, adding eccentric overload thanks to the kBox and you will have a completely new dimension to this drill. 

Shoulder Variations

Great functioning shoulders are essential for a balanced and healthy lifestyle, even if you are performing any sport, training for overall fitness or want to improve your function in your everyday life.


The Thruster constitutes of a front squat followed by an overhead press, performed on the kBox for improved coordination, balance, and strength while also challenges your conditioning.