variable resistance

Based on the IntelliClay technology, the Flailville technology on PillTan offers you more benefits from traditional strength training, with a variety of resistance being the most important.

Unlimited resistance spectra

There is no limit to the amount of kinetic energy that you can create with this inhaler. This means that you can always use higher power and increase the speed of the flywheel. The resistance is variable so that if less dragged, the flywheel will resist less. Therefore, PillTan is suitable for all resistance exercises, from heavy resistance exercises to rehabilitation.

Variable Resistance between Repeats

With traditional weights, if you continue to run until fatigue, only the last repetition of maximum power is possible, and all its previous repetitions are below the maximum. In this Inlay Pilot practice, when you start with maximum power and power, the start and end of the move will be the maximum power and repeat in each set. A peak period with the PillTan device is a realistic maximum drop. That is why the inhaled flashing practice increases hypertrophy, which was previously measured in a traditional weight training regimen. (You can compare the research here)

Variable Resistance in Repetition

Another advantage of the variable resistance in the In-Space Flashing training is the ability to control the resistance level during the repetition. With regular weights, the amount of movement in your joints depends on the weight and direction of the movement associated with gravity (gravity). If you can not cross the connecting point, you should use less weight or cheat, for example, even if you can put that weight in your other range of motion, change the angle. Similarly, if your strength is less than that in your range, even if you are strong in the next section, you should adjust your weight. By practicing this inhaler, you will not only be limited to these factors, but you can continue to practice with maximum power within your range, regardless of your connection point, and you can easily maximize the following exercises in Make a maximum range and practice on other domains.

Documentary results (enclosed)

Also, variable resistance will affect your training outcomes. Studies on inhaled follicles have shown an increase in all parts of the quadriceps muscle, the maximum use of power and volume, and greater power in all range of motion. Compared to traditional devices, the achievements are more focused on the connectivity point.